RESIDENTIAL AIR CONDITIONING IN Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and the rest of Los Angeles & Ventura Counties


Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has established itself as the leader in residential air conditioning installation in Anaheim, CA and related services in the Los Angeles area. Our professional teams are experts in system design and engineering, professional installation, scheduled maintenance services, repairs and much more. Our highly experienced designers provide solutions to all residential air conditioning needs.

We have been providing our comprehensive services in the Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties in Southern California for more than a decade. Our designers, engineers, craftsmen and project managers are the best in the industry. Thousands of satisfied customers confirm our reputation for delivering service excellence and high-quality products.

Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has been installing several types of residential air conditioning systems in Los Angeles for many years. Homeowners are increasingly looking at air conditioning systems for the homes to provide comfort in unpleasant temperature conditions. The installation process is preceded by a visit to your home for comprehensive assessment of your residential air conditioning needs. Our professional consultants will provide you with advice on the types and brands of equipment that would be ideally suited to your home. The consultants use all the variables to design the best air conditioning system for your home. We will schedule the installation after receiving your approval. Air conditioning installation consists of a whole range of services. It can be as simple as installing a window unit in a specific room or as large as a large roof-mounted system with a duct system that provides cooling for a whole house.

It is crucial to do AC maintenance in Encino to maximize its efficiency and to extend the lifespan of equipment. We have trained maintenance technicians that are able to service all types of air conditioning equipment. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. is the leading company in Los Angeles when it comes to replacing filters, lubricating bearings, cleaning coils and all related maintenance tasks. Homeowners can ensure that their air conditioning system is running at optimum efficiency by approaching our maintenance professionals. We will take care of all the maintenance issues in double quick time. It is highly recommended that the air intake filters of residential air conditioner are replaced at regular intervals. When the filters are clogged with dust, the system has to work extremely hard to take air in. This also affects the cooling capability of the system.

Unfortunately, mechanical equipment does not last forever and they do break down. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has expert repair technicians that will attend to your residential air conditioning system when it stops working. Repairing an air conditioning system instead of replacing it, save thousands of dollars. Our certified technicians are experienced in the repairs most of the major brands in a very quick time. They will determine the damage to the system and assess whether equipment should be replaced or repaired. In most houses, the reason for the system shut-down is simple and could be fixed very easily. In other cases the problems are more complex and it could take repair technicians hours to straighten out. Our air conditioner repair in Anaheim is the best in Los Angeles and only a phone call away.

Residential central air conditioning installations and repairs have been an integral part of our daily operations for more than 25 years. Our technicians have experience in the installation and repairs of all brands of central air conditioning systems for any home. Our extensive services include a comprehensive assessment of the homeowner’s central air conditioning need at his home. The size of the house is the main factor that will determine the type of system, the brand names, and the system efficiency needed. We will design the entire system after careful consideration of all the relevant factors. Replacing your central air conditioning unit could be done within a day, depending on the existing duct sizes of the existing system. Installation of a brand new residential air conditioning system in Los Angeles will take a few days.

Our professional installers are all certified and have many years’ experience with the installation of central air conditioning systems. We are renowned in Los Angeles as leaders in the residential air conditioning industry. Our trademark is our excellent customer service and high-quality workmanship.

Ductless air conditioning systems are the perfect solution for houses where the installation of ducts for a conventional central air conditioning system is either impractical or too costly. Residential ductless air conditioning systems consist of indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit is installed on the outside wall or roof of a building whilst the indoor unit is usually mounted on a wall, in a window or on a ceiling. Installation is fairly straightforward and will be completed in one day. Ductless air conditioning systems are very popular for home conversions, additional rooms and garages. These systems are available in several sizes and designs to suit any room décor.

Most homeowners in the Los Angeles install a split system air conditioning system in their houses.  The systems comprise of an indoor air handling unit and an outdoor unit. This system operates with a package unit that is installed on the roof of the house.  Split systems provide flexibility and are aesthetically more pleasing on the eye. Older houses are most suited for fitting split system air conditioning systems due the difficulties in fitting air ducts. The major advantages of split system air conditioning units are their quietness, easy installation and versatility. The temperature of every individual room in the house can be controlled with its own thermostat. One can switch off the air conditioner in rooms that are not used which saves money. Although residential split systems save you money when they operate, they are more expensive to install.

Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has experts that can install, maintain and service any split system air conditioning system. We are authorized suppliers and installers of most of the leading brands. We will do an assessment at your home free of charge. Give us a call at (818) 616-6447 for the best air conditioner service in Anaheim, CA.

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