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We at Air Wave Technologies Inc. provide our effective and genuine services to people in Tarzana, Anaheim, Riverside counties, Buena Park, and even Venice! With over two decades of experience under our belt and uncountable customers, our team of workers has polished their skills so that they can come up with the most economical solutions for your issues. 

If you had been looking for the best air conditioner servicing near you, then you won’t have to tire your fingers on the keyboard anymore. Contact us by filling out a hassle-free form and get guaranteed top-notch assistance at your doorstep in a matter of hours. 

Services We Offer:

When it comes to the scorching California heat and your air conditioner not proving to be a worthy opponent, you don’t have to look further into AC service Anaheim CA than the various services we provide. Our workers assist with: 

  • Refrigeration 

We provide to you, our clientele, more than what other air conditioner service Anaheim CA will. We go way beyond your expectations from other companies because we want to know and fix your issues from its root. 

  • Other Services

We don’t end at

refrigeration either! Our field of work expands up to areas of Ductless and Indoor Air Quality. Once you give us a chance, you will see that there is no one else who will match up to our technicians. 

How We Help You?

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re contacting us for work or home issues because we are always ready to help you in both. Our workers are Nate certified and aid in cooling services along with the first-class installation of devices, engineering, designing, and a full maintenance plan, to name a few. 
  • Be it residential or industrial air quality or cooling needs, there is no one better than us for AC service in Anaheim CA. Our products from highly rated brands such as Aprilaire help us keep your Indoor Air Quality on top of the game. 
  • Additionally, our teams have the mastery of whatever heating or cooling device you use, making it easier for them to spot the cause of the problem and provide you with the most effective and convenient solution. 

What Makes Us the Best?

Besides being a thriving and professional company with all accredited workers, we use the newest equipment in the market and keep our patrons informed of the developments taking place in the industry. This helps them make significant decisions surrounding the project they’re working on and come to recognize us as a dependable and resourceful company. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the lifespan of a portable air conditioning unit?

A portable air conditioner unit can last from five to 10 years. These units can be moved in between rooms and can generate around 8,000 BTU to 15,000 BTU cooling output.

These units have the lowest life span among all the air conditioner types braces of the portable feature which might wear out the unit fast.

How to stop water leaking from an air conditioner unit?

Follow these three steps to stop water leaks from an air conditioner.

  • First, shut down and unplug the AC unit.
  • To locate the condensation drain, unscrew the access panel. This drain is at the saturation point below the evaporator coil.
  • Clean the condensate drain thoroughly to fix the leak.

It is better to contact air conditioner service Anaheim CA if the problem is not solved.

What’s the best way to clean a musty air conditioner unit?

One can easily perform this simple DIY task and clean their misty air conditioner. Take a plastic bucket and fill it with water. Add ½ cup of household bleaching solution to it.

Take a sponge and saturate it with the bleaching solution. Use this sponge to scrub inside the air conditioner to remove and kill mold.

What should I consider before purchasing a portable air conditioner?

Before buying a portable air conditioner, consider the following aspects.

  • The size of the room.
  • How easy it is to install the device and how much it costs.
  • Is the unit able to control noise?
  • How efficient is the unit?
  • Finally, check for the inverter technology and blower size.

Contact air conditioner repair in Anaheim, CA to buy one today.

Do I need to tilt my window air conditioner?

Many types of air conditioning units require a slightly angled tilt to keep the drainpipe of the unit outside the room. This will help with the water flow outside.

Otherwise, there will be water puddling down in the room. Usually, a tilt of one-half of an inch would be sufficient.

How long do portable air conditioner units last?

The average lifetime of a portable air conditioner is between 5- 10 years. Although this average estimation may change based on how the unit is maintained.

The short span of the units is because they are moved frequently from place to place which may damage the parts faster.

Why is my AC unit making a dripping noise?

A common reason why there might be dripping noises from the air conditioning units is a problem with the condensation drain. However, this can be fixed easily.

You can choose to unclog the drain or repair it completely. Vapor compression air conditioners can be installed to enhance the drainage of water.

How to reprogram an Air conditioning unit?

  • Turn the air conditioner off.
  • Reach the circuit breaker that is linked to the unit and turn it off.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and then finally turn it back on.

If these steps don’t reset your unit, call for air conditioner service in Anaheim, CA.

Most importantly, our team’s ability to resolve any issue that our client might be facing by interacting with them and finding their history along with that of the device in question is what makes us the best AC service in Anaheim CA.

If you are looking for air conditioner servicing near me, you can contact Air Wave Technologies, Inc. at (818) 343-4737.

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