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Investing In Heating/Furnace Replacement

Replacing your heating system is a major decision, involving significant investment and some unavoidable disturbance in your home. In order to minimize both these aspects as much as possible, call Air Wave Technologies when looking for a heating replacement in Anaheim, CA. Nobody wants to do this frequently, so it’s important to choose exactly the right model for your home and family, when selecting a new system.

Stretching back more than two decades, our impressive track record allows you to explore the latest technology with assurance, steered by our market expertise. Our experienced technicians steer you through the entire replacement process, leaving you confident that you are making the best choice for your family.

A furnace may need to be replaced if it cannot be fixed or the costs are so high that it is more sensible to spend the money on a new one. This is particularly true if your furnace is older and operating on borrowed time. It’s also worth mentioning that an older furnace is inefficient, so purchasing a new furnace might save you money in the long run by cutting your heating costs.

Whether you call us for repairs and the conversation moves to furnace replacement or choose to upgrade for energy savings, we will present you with an estimate for the numerous options we suggest given the size of your property, the space available, and your energy efficiency objectives. Please don’t hesitate to ask about financing options with approved credit that might help you budget for a new furnace.

Signs That Indicate Its Time To Replace Your Furnace

When people install a furnace system, it is usually a long-term investment since furnaces usually last 20-25 years. The duration also depends on the type of furnace you own. Usually, furnaces start requiring repair after 10-15 years. We have given some of the signs to look for before going for a furnace replacement in Anaheim

Here are a few ways you can tell that your furnace requires replacement

  • If your energy bills have increased drastically within a short duration, your old furnace might be the reason. The efficiency of a furnace tends to decrease over time. Replacing your furnace might be a better idea instead of paying higher monthly bills. 
  • Your furnace might start requiring frequent and expensive repairs if enough time has passed. If you’re spending a lot of money only on repairs, replacing your furnace could help avoid spending heavily on future repairs. 
  • Old furnaces tend to require more energy to push hot air. It’s time to replace your furnace if your rooms are heated unevenly. 
  • A decrease in the air quality of your home might be a sign that your furnace requires replacement. Harmful materials like toxins, soot, rust, or in some cases, carbon monoxide can leak from furnaces requiring replacement. 

Airwave Technologies Inc is the expert to call if you’re looking for a heating replacement in Anaheim, CA. We are one of the best HVAC services across California, providing heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration services. 

Customer Satisfaction Above All

Meeting the needs of our customers is the cornerstone underpinning our activities at Air Wave Technologies, especially when seeking expert advice on heating/furnace replacement in Anaheim, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and the rest of Los Angeles & Ventura Counties.

Through learning about personal preferences and family requirements, our expert technicians help you select a system that is the best value for your budget, with maximum comfort for your family. Clearing up your every doubt, we plan the entire process together, scheduling fast, clean removal of old equipment and installing your new system efficiently, always aiming at our final goal: yet another satisfied customer.

Let Us Help You

What would you like to know about a heating/furnace replacement in Anaheim, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and the rest of Los Angeles & Ventura Counties? No matter how simple or technical your doubts, Air Wave Technologies provides answers that are easy to understand.

Familiar with the latest innovations on the market, our certified technical teams can shortlist budget-friendly options that meet your family’s needs, helping you make the smartest choice. With twenty years of hands-on experience in this field, we look forward to clearing up your doubts at (818) 343-4737.

Heating/Furnace Replacement in Anaheim,  Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and the rest of Los Angeles & Ventura Counties

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When a furnace owner contacts an HVAC company for heating replacement in Anaheim, CA, the technicians inspect the old heating system and the existing ductwork network. 

After a thorough inspection, the technicians inform the owner of their steps on the old unit. 

Once the owner approves, the technicians start dismantling the old heating system and dispose of it to make space for the new one. 

Once the new unit has been set up and ready for installation, they will install all the parts and components of the new heating system in no time. 


If a furnace owner wishes to replace only the furnace and not the air conditioner, the owner should ensure that the furnace or the air conditioner is less than ten years old. 

If both of them have crossed the ten-year milestone, the heating repair company near me would suggest the owner replace both, which will save time, extra effort, and more money. 

Although there is no problem replacing just the furnace, if owners notice that the other appliances like air conditioners, thermostats, ducts, or vents also need some professional attention, the repair or replacement should occur simultaneously.

The first step that a technician or furnace owner should follow while replacing an old furnace is to switch off the main power. 

If a breaker supplies main power to the furnace, flip it off before replacing the furnace to avoid electric shocks. 

Furnace owners should let professional technicians from HVAC companies providing heating replacement in Anaheim, CA, do this job as it has many technicalities and wiring work. 

Those replacing the furnace can wear latex or rubber gloves to avoid electric shocks.

Furnace installation is not a child's play. It may seem easy at first, but it has many details that furnace owners are unaware of. 

Some details that furnace owners often overlook include the area of the house, the number of windows and rooms, the number of heat-generating appliances and their usage frequency, the insulation levels of the house, and the condition of the ductwork. 

The installation of a new furnace revolves around these details and calculations. 

Since not all furnace owners can accurately pin down these details, it is always better and more convenient to contact a heating repair near me to do the tedious task instead.

The average lifespan of a heating system lies from ten to fifteen years. Most heating systems work efficiently until eight to ten years if serviced and maintained frequently.

However, if furnace owners do not take care of their heating systems, they tend to malfunction and break down by eight years.

There is no exact answer to this question as it depends on the condition and how much the owner maintained it during its working years.

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