How to Light a Furnace’s Standing Pilot

How to Light a Furnace’s Standing Pilot

The burner in your gas boiler is either activated by an electronic initiation or by a standing pilot flame, which is prevalent in older-style heating systems with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of less than 80%. The standing pilot of a gas furnace, which keeps the flame blazing at all times, is frequently referred to as a pilot light. 

Whatever you call it, its function is to provide an igniting flame for the gas furnace system. The standing pilot burns the gas flowing to the burners to warm the air in the combustion process when the thermostat indicates gas supplied from the gas valve to the burner. However, when a furnace fails, this standing pilot light gets turned off, and you might need to call experts for furnace repair in Anaheim.

How To Ignite The Standing Pilot Of A Furnace?

While a failing pilot light is a typical problem with older heating systems, it can get more aggravating when you don’t know how to reheat it. The procedure is simple, although the stages may differ slightly depending on the brand of your furnace and the type of control valve you use. 

If feasible, look for the directions inside the furnace door or in the heater instruction book. Mentioned hereunder are some of the ways you can try igniting a standing pilot light before calling experts for furnace service in Anaheim.

Switch Off The Gas

Set your thermostat to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or a heat-demanding accurate setting. Check that the thermostat remains set to “warm.” Locate the pilot valve, a box-shaped mechanism into which the primary gas line will run. 

It remains positioned near the gas burners and has a gas cock or valve knob with the words “on,” “pilot,” and “off” on it. Rotate the valve or gas cock to the OFF setting and wait for three minutes for any excess gas to dissipate.

Locate The Pilot Tube

Inside the burner, locate the pilot tube and needle near the gas burner tube assembly. Prepare your lighter or match. The pilot can be challenging to reach at times. When lighting it, try to use a long fireplace spark if feasible. 

Also, if you don’t have a fireplace match, a butane BBQ grill lighter will help do the trick and if you don’t have one, light a match to fire the end of a stick and light the pilot with it.

Turn On The Mounted Pilot

Place the lit matchstick or ignited lighter end at the pilot while pushing and holding the reset switch or depressing the knob, as appropriate. Push the switch or knob for about 30 seconds. It maintains gas flow to the pilot until the thermocouple gets hot enough to open the main gas valve.

Turn On The Gas Valve

Once the pilot light remains lighted, slowly remove the button or knob and turn the gas valve or knob from the “pilot” to the “on” position. It will start the burners and keep the passage of air supplied to the burners as needed.

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