How Can I Lower My Heating Cost In Winter? – 17 Ideas

How Can I Lower My Heating Cost In Winter? – 17 Ideas

Let’s admit that with the freezing winter season fast approaching, every homeowner constantly remains worried about the crazy high heating bill. However, what if we tell you that with some easy tips and routine furnace service in Anaheim, you can save a considerable sum on your heating bills—excited, right?

So, without wasting any of your precious time, let’s get straight to 17 easy tips that will help you cut down on your heating bills this winter season. 

1. Seal The Chimney Vent When Not In Use 

Keeping your furnace chimney vent open when you are not using your heating system is like opening your window while running a furnace. 

Also, by having the vents open, you will let a large quantity of heated air move out of your house, and your machine will run extra to keep you warm, increasing your utility bills. Hence, always make sure you seal the chimney vent when it’s not in use. 

2. Use Fans For Better Air Circulation 

Switch your home’s fan on low for better air circulation upward toward the roof. Doing this will force the heated air that increases and gets entrapped at the canopy downward, leaving your place feeling warmer.

3. Keep Radiators And Vents Clear

Ensure your furnace vents never get blocked by carpets or furniture or that you do not have any monumental articles in front of your heating radiator. It lets the air disperse freely, and you get the maximum advantage of the warm air that puts less pressure on your furnace and reduces the odds of costly furnace repair in Anaheim

4. Pay Close Attention To Your Home Windows

Around 10 to 25 percent of your home’s heat loss can get attributed to windows. To decrease this, open shades and curtains on south-facing windows during daytime hours to let the sun’s heat enter your place and warm it. 

Moreover, to lower your heating cost, always keep the blinds and curtains closed at night and whenever the sun is not blazing on them to insulate your place and retain heat inside.

5. Shut The Doors

If you are not using the room, why heat it? Lock the doors and close the furnace vent when you are not in the room. 

Also, when you are sitting in any room, closing the door will help increase the room temperature by maintaining your body warmth and the heat generated by lights or other electronic devices such as a computer.

6. Bake Or Cook At Home

During the chilly winter season, everyone prefers eating hot meals such as soups, stews, and roasts, and you might also find yourself baking more food than in summers. 

Baking and cooking food at home not only save your grocery budget but help cut down on your heating costs. Also, when you are done cooking, keep your oven door open slightly so that the heated air can escape and warm your kitchen.

7. Turn Down Your Thermostat 

Modifying your thermostat temperature can lead to a significant reduction in your heating expenses. Also, lowering the thermostat temperature by up to 10 degrees can assist you in saving up to 10% annually on heating bills. 

8. Ensure The Doors And Windows Remain Closed Tightly

Your residence might lose heat through doors and windows, especially if those spaces aren’t closed tightly. Hence, it is great to call experts for heat pump repair in Anaheim to check all the doors and windows for leaks before winter begins. 

9. Keep Heat From Running From Your Air Ducts

The furnace ducts in your house can be a source of heat loss, especially if they got installed in uninsulated spaces, such as the attic, cellar, or garage. Sealing your furnace air ducts around the joints can assist in keeping the heated air from moving out. 

10. Get An Energy Audit Done

A house power inspection will show you the places in your home where you are losing heat and will inform you precisely what you must do to save funds on your home power bills. While you can readily conduct a self-energy audit, it is better to call experts as they come equipped with professional tools and expertise. 

11. Change Your Furnace Air Filter

If you own a forced-air heating machine, it will come with an air filter that will trap heat. However, when excess dirt and dust accumulate, it can affect your heating efficiency and increase the power bills. Therefore, you should always keep changing your furnace filters regularly. 

12. Add Insulation

Adding insulation to the attic and walls of your place can assist in lowering your heating expenses every month by lowering the percentage of heat loss through the ceiling and walls. 

13. Install Plastic Window Treatments

Getting heavy-duty plastic window treatments can lower the quantity of heat loss through the windows. Also, by installing these plastic window treatments, you can readily save up to 10% of your heating costs. 

14. Service Your Furnace Systems

Routine maintenance of your furnace system will help it work efficiently, saving you funds on your heating bills and demanding less heating fuel. 

15. Invest In An Intelligent Thermostat

It is an excellent idea to invest in an intelligent thermostat that automatically turns on and off at a certain point and helps save your heating expenses. 

16. Replace Your Heating System

The older your furnace unit gets, the less power-efficient it will become. Therefore, replacing it with a high-efficiency model is better depending on your heating system’s age. So, it will be suggested to do the heating replacement in Anaheim, CA.

17. Keep An Eye On Your Fireplace

While you might think that lighting a fireplace will help save your heating bills, it is not the case. Using your home fireplace can sometimes make the rest of your place colder, and that can be quite taxing on your heating bill. 

Air Wave Technologies, Inc. is a leading HVAC repair in Anaheim, CA, and our experts can help you save funds on all your heating repairs and installation. For more details, feel free to call us at (818) 343-4737 or email us at [email protected] 

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