Four Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Help

Four Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Help

The heat pump is one of the most valuable and innovative machines ever invented. It’s easy to say that about equipment that cools you when it’s hot and comforts you during the harsh winters. You won’t require any separate air conditioning system for the summer and a furnace for the winter when an efficient heat pump is by your side.

It’s crucial to pay close attention to your heat pump and ensure routine maintenance at least once per year.

Given below are four of the primary signs indicating that your heat pump needs help:-


Bad Smell

Your heat pump requires timely attention if the air coming out of the equipment smells off. Stale or musty odors are a problem due to mold formation making its way inside the system. If you sense a burning smell, you should immediately act on it due to likely fire perils. 

If you smell burning coming from your unit, then there is something wrong with your heat pump electrically, which can soon become dangerous. Please turn it off immediately, and don’t turn it on until a professional has assessed it and repaired the problems. Then, we can assist you in deducing what the issue is and taking the next steps.

Unusual Noises

Running your heat pump should not be a loud experience. However, if you turn on your heat pump and notice that you hear a lot of noise or it’s not working efficiently, it might be time for you to call a specialist.

If the typical humming sound is interrupted by clattering, creaking, or other strange sounds, it may indicate a problem. Loose fan belts can cause flapping noises, while screeching is caused by an inadequately lubricated central air fan motor. If such issues concern you, it’s best to play it safe and reach out to your HVAC technician to sort things out.

Poor Airflow

When the ducts are clean, clear, and don’t have leaks, the problem may lie with the heat pump itself.

Poor airflow may be due to numerous reasons, including filthy air filters, dirty coils, the external unit may be obstructed by residue, or the blower motor may be static. While the dirty air filters can be taken care of, blocked outside units, and dirty coils, a sluggish blower motor, and other technical problems are best left in the hands of a capable HVAC technician.

Skyrocketing Cooling Bills

Are your energy bills outrageously high this summer? Are you still running your equipment the same way you always have? The problem is generally deeper within your heat pump, and you might urgently need a heat pump repair in Anaheim. Our HVAC experts can come to your residence and assist you in getting your heat pump in the best condition possible. 

Are you looking for a good HVAC professional for your HVAC repair in Anaheim? Look no further than Air Wave Technologies Inc. To hire our specialist and affordable HVAC services, you can call us now at 818-340-0012 or drop us an email at [email protected].


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