Common Signs You Need a Home Furnace Repair

Common Signs You Need a Home Furnace Repair

As winter’s on its way, it is time to clean your furnace systems and get them ready for battle. With an efficiently working furnace system, you can maintain the internal temperature of your rooms and save money on your utility bills.  

Through this article, you can find if you require a furnace repair:


Cold Air From The Furnace

When you start firing up your furnace, you get a blast of cold air for a few seconds before it starts blowing warm wind. If the cold air lasts for more than a few seconds, it is an obvious sign that your furnace requires repairs.

Strange Noise

If your furnace suddenly finds a voice of its own every time you switch it on, there might be something wrong with it. If your furnace starts rattling or rumbling, something might be stuck inside, or it might have run out of gas.

If your furnace starts making unusual sounds, call for furnace repair in Anaheim

Stops Blowing Air

If you suddenly start feeling a little chilly even though your furnace is switched on, put your hand in front of the furnace heat register. If you find an unsteady flow of hot air through your furnace, the issue could lie with the fan, belt, or motor of your furnace. 

Leaking Water

If you find a pool of water in your house near your furnace, it is time you call for its inspection and repairs. If not inspected regularly or repaired on time, it can eat away on the foundation of your home because of its potentially acidic nature. 

Gas Leaks Dangers

Before switching on your furnace, ensure that there is no gas leaking from it. Even after switching it on, if you feel even for a second that you can smell gas proceed to the following steps immediately

  1. switch off the furnace
  2. open the furnace and locate the gas valve
  3. cut the supply of the gas to the furnace using the valve
  4. Call a furnace repair center in Anaheim. 
  5. Sit far away from the furnace till someone comes to check on the problem and repairs it. 

High Utility Bills

When your furnace does not work efficiently, it consumes more electricity to make up for its efficiency resulting in high utility bills.

Not Connected To The Thermostat

Thermostats are an essential element of the furnace, controlling when it starts and stops blowing in hot air. If your home feels too stuffy or too cold, you might want to check the thermostat connection. 

Turning On And Off On Its Own

Not a ghost problem but a repair problem. When a furnace turns off and on without you doing it, there might be a connection issue with it. Call the furnace repair center in Anaheim for an inspection.

Not Regularly Serviced

If you do not have a maintenance contract and skip its yearly service, there is a high chance there is some problem in the furnace system. Make sure you get regular tune-ins for your furnace.

About To Expire

Like most products, a furnace also has an expiration date. Usually, it is 15-20 years after a new purchase. By the end of its expiration, the repairs might become costly. So it might be time to get a new furnace soon.

At AirWave Service, find Nate-certified technicians for repairs. Airwave provides you with a high-class heating replacement Anaheim CA. If your furnace is facing any problems or not working efficiently, call us at 818-340-0012 or mail us at [email protected]

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