COMMERCIAL AIR CONDITIONING IN Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and the rest of Los Angeles & Ventura Counties

Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has been installing, servicing and repairing commercial air conditioning systems in Los Angeles for more than 25 years. Commercial air conditioning systems are specifically designed for commercial buildings and can operate on a large scale. These systems are extensively used all through the year and require regular services and a comprehensive maintenance plan to keep it fully functioning. We have installed commercial air conditioning systems in shopping centers, shopping malls and office buildings across America. Our certified technicians are qualified to service commercial air conditioning systems. We have innovative designers that will assist with upgrades to existing air conditioning systems. We provide excellent air conditioner servicing near you for 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Commercial air conditioning systems need to be installed and maintained by seasoned professionals. We have certified installers who are experienced with the complicated setup of these types of systems. The installation of commercial air conditioning system could take between one and two days in a double story building. If the duct system of an existing commercial air conditioning system is the correct size, then an upgrade can be done in one day. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. offers a range of other products for owners who require energy efficient air conditioning installation in Anaheim, CA. These products range from dehumidifiers, anti-pollution devices and ventilation systems that keep the air free of odors, contaminants and allergens.

Commercial air conditioning installation in the Los Angeles area is complicated and should be done by a professional company with a proven track record. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. offers high quality installation, thorough maintenance and regular services of Anaheim heating and air conditioning.

Commercial buildings house equipment or machinery that can generate a huge amount of heat. During winter the work area could become very unpleasant to work in. Commercial air conditioning systems need to be properly maintained to provide continuous comfort to workers, customers or patients. As the premier commercial air conditioning service provider in Los Angeles, our technicians will schedule inspections of the installed commercial air conditioning system at least twice a year. Our maintenance teams will inspect the complete system and identify possible problem areas that could lead to failure of the equipment. Our consultants will suggest the proper steps to be taken to keep the air conditioning system fully operational. Failure to act could be very costly and even lead to an emergency situation later on.

Our expert service technicians will do a thorough maintenance inspection of your system which includes a refrigerant level check, a check on the coil and box for debris and an examination for possible damage to the motor and blades. The technicians will also apply lubricants where needed. Our experienced staff is trained to avoid possible future damage to your system by inspecting the controls, wiring, connections and compressor. Give us a call today for all your Commercial AC maintenance in Encino needs.

Due to the size of commercial air condition systems and the environment in which they are fitted, proper maintenance of the equipment is essential. These air conditioning systems carry a heavy workload and some are even operational for 24 hours a day. Commercial buildings like shopping malls require climate control for most of the day and night to keep their customers comfortable. Hospitals have very specific needs for the different sections such as the theaters and wards. It is therefore crucial for these commercial entities to have access to a reputable and reliable repair service provider. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. is the premier commercial company to provide the AC repair near you. Our repair technicians are all certified and have the expertise to do a detailed diagnosis of the entire system, identify the reasons for the shut down and provide a complete repair service.

When a commercial air conditioning system starts to function erratically or stop working altogether it could cause serious health issues for the workers or customers in the building. A building that has insufficient cooling will drive away customers and cause the workers to be less productive. Our commercial air conditioning repair services will assess the situation based on your feedback and after a thorough inspection of the system itself.

We have established ourselves as the leading commercial air conditioning repair company in Los Angeles with our excellent service, quick response time and high quality workmanship. Our experienced technicians will use a comprehensive checklist to diagnose the cooling system. Some of the items that they will attend to are refrigerant leakage in the system, the condition of the air handling unit, the functionality of the compressor unit, the functionality of the condenser unit, the state and functionality of the duct system and the functionality of controls and switches. Fans need to operate fully and inlet and outlet systems should be checked for obstructions that could hinder airflow.

Most customers don’t realize that the vast majority of air conditioning problems lie with the controls and switches. Electrical connections and electrical controls are responsible for most system problems. Our professional repair technicians will ensure that control switches, circuit breakers and switches are all functional and fully operational when they attend to a commercial air conditioning repair problem. Our consultants are always available to attend to any requests or feedback regarding the operation of air conditioning systems from customers that own commercial buildings. Customer service is our strength.

Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has, through the efforts of its dynamic management team, established long-lasting business relationship with other role players and suppliers in the commercial air conditioning industry. We not only provide expert advice, expert workmanship and comprehensive aftersales service, we also offer our services at reasonable rates. Commercial properties are usually high traffic areas and they need comfortable environments for their customers and workers. Commercial air conditioning systems are a necessity but also costly. It is therefore essential that an experienced, well reputed company is used for an air conditioning project. As the leading the commercial air conditioning service provider in Los Angeles, Air Wave Technologies, Inc. offers expertise, experience and world class workmanship.

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