Air Conditioning Service – Guide To What’s Wrong With Your Air Conditioner?

Air Conditioning Service – Guide To What’s Wrong With Your Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner is like a savior in summers. But what if the air conditioner stops working? What if your air conditioner isn’t turning on? What if it’s not cooling anymore? Such issues would lead to a lot of trouble during summers. Whenever the air conditioner stops functioning, it isn’t easy to know the reason. The air conditioning service in Tarzana helped individuals fix their issues. 

Problems associated with air conditioner

There are a wide range of reasons due to which the air conditioner starts acting up – 

  • Unable to switch on the AC

The thermostat affects the working of the air conditioner. If the thermostat isn’t operable, the air conditioner won’t be turned on. It’s advised to decrease the temperature to know if the thermostat isn’t working. 

  • The air fan is non-functional 

The air conditioning service in Tarzana is needed to resolve the problem. When the air conditioner fan stops working, the cool air won’t blow. The air fan might not be working due to wiring issues, some kind of problem with the control box, breaker, and thermostat. 

  • The air conditioner stops cooling

 If Air conditioner stops cooling, it’s problematic. Several individuals have called for AC service in Tarzana for this issue. The Air conditioner might stop cooling the place due to a contaminated air filter, blocked condensate drain, reduced coolant level, etc. But if the Air conditioner is a bit smaller for the place, it won’t cool the place.

  • The air conditioner blows up warm air

The air conditioner is supposed to blow up cool air, not warm air. But if it’s blowing up warm air, something is wrong with it. The outside unit has to be rechecked to make sure there isn’t any dirt. The settings on the thermostat and filter need to be checked. For the cool air, refrigerant is necessary.

  • Non-functional compressor 

A functional capacitor is essential for the working of the compressor. If the compressor isn’t working, it might be due to a faulty capacitor, wiring issues, etc. 

  • The air conditioner makes a certain noise 

A noisy air conditioner leads to disturbance. The main reason the air conditioner makes noise is because of problems in the condenser fan motor. It’s reasonable to get help from an expert. 

  • The air conditioner turns on and off

When the air conditioner turns on and off, it certainly means that there is a problem with it. The main reason this might happen might be due to a dirty or blocked condenser.

  • When the coil is frozen 

When the air conditioner coil is frozen, it won’t cool the place. Due to dirty filters and blocked ducts, this might happen. The air conditioning service in Tarzana enables us to rectify the crisis.

If you are facing any kind of discomfort with your air conditioner, you can contact Airwave Service provides the best credible and suitable solutions to fix your air conditioner. Get in contact with them today to learn more, or schedule a service.

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